Offering Childbirth Education Classes in Utah County



Heather Zemp

Hello.  My name is Heather Zemp. I am passionate about helping parents prepare for their best births. I was lucky enough to take a Hypnobirthing class in preparation for my first birth. It completely changed the way I think and feel about my body and my responsibility to be an advocate for myself and my children.  I came away stunned at how amazing my body is, and the power of my mind. I have gone on to use the techniques with all three of my births and completed my training with the Hypnobirthing Institute to become a practitioner in 2014.  It has been an absolute joy to empower parents with the knowledge and skills they need to help them have positive birthing experiences.  Hope to see you in class!  You can learn more about me here.


If there are at least three couples interested in starting classes at the same time, we have access to the lovely space at Two Leaves Midwifery in Orem (Formerly Better Birth).  We will meet 5 times for 2- 2 1/2 hours.  The cost is $300 and includes two reference books, four recorded hypnosis scripts, and all handouts. It also includes a special personalized gift for mom, birth companion, and baby.

I really enjoy teaching families privately.  I am able to customize each family's experience according to their special circumstances and desires in a comfortable, familiar environment, your home.  We will work together to find a time that works. We will meet 5 times for 2 -2 1/2 hours. The cost is $425 and includes two reference books, four recorded hypnosis scripts, and all handouts. It also includes a special personalized gift for mom, birth companion, and baby. If you are able to find a friend or two to join in your home, the cost is $300 per couple. My home is also available for private lessons if needed. 

For families who are unable to complete all 5 classes, Saturday intensive classes will occasionally be offered. If there are at least 3 couples interested the classes can be taught at Two Leaves Midwifery in Orem ($325). They can also be taught as a private class in your own home ($425). We will cover all the same material in two consecutive Saturdays or Sundays  (10 am-6 pm). 

I began studying Hypnobirthing with Heather as a back-up plan in case an epidural didn't work or I got to the hospital too late. I wanted to be prepared for an unmedicated birth, just in case. Heather was supportive of my goal, and she assured me throughout the process that she was confident in my ability to cope. It did not take very long, however, for Heather's positive attitude and confidence to rub off on me, and I decided to commit to a unmedicated birth. As this was my first pregnancy, my husband and I knew only the basics of what to expect, but Heather set us up for success both during labor and delivery as well as postpartum. She is not only knowledgeable, but is a calm and sensitive teacher. I was able to go into labor feeling well-prepared and more excited to meet our baby. Thanks, Heather, for opening our eyes to a new mindset about birth and delivery!

Alyssa Davis, former student

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