Heather Zemp

Hi--I’m Heather Zemp. 

I am a childbirth educator living in Utah County.  I am excited and passionate about helping families prepare for their upcoming births through this simple, effective program.  I'm so glad you've found me.

I am the mother of five vibrant, unique children.  Parenthood didn’t come easily to my husband and I.  Our first two miracle children joined our family through adoption, and I gave birth to our three youngest.  

After years of infertility I felt somewhat betrayed by my body and had a difficult time trusting that I would actually be able to carry and deliver a healthy baby.  Initially, I was anxious about my pregnancy and scared to death of giving birth.  Luckily, my husband and I took a HypnoBirthing course and were able to rewire the way we think and feel about pregnancy and birth.  We found that education truly is power.  

All three of our biological children were born using HypnoBirthing methods.  Their pregnancies and births were some of the most empowering experiences of my life.  I am absolutely blown away by how amazing the human body is and how effortlessly and beautifully it makes, delivers, and nourishes these dear little people.  

Taking the classes, practicing, and experiencing the births together has strengthened our marriage and prepared us well for the marathon of parenthood (Well, as well as anything could :).  We have found that the principles of HypnoBirthing apply not only to birth, but to many aspects of life.  I find myself using many of the techniques regularly in everyday life.

 A high school biology teacher by profession and a lover of people, I thoroughly enjoy exploring the curriculum together.  You will come away with all the information you need to prepare for YOUR ideal birth.  You can do this!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, phone or text if you have any questions.  Hopefully this program will be a great fit for your family.

Wishing you a calm, happy birth,


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